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WEEK 4 – Blown Away

Greetings fellow MKMMAers!  So who out there didn’t watch those videos about eight hundred times?  I was completely blown away.  Having a background in science (my day job is being a dentist) I always try to rationalize my external world through scientific principles.  This gives me a reference that I can understand but when we started all of this MK stuff it wasn’t easy for my brain to “assimilate” what I was doing (though I did it anyway).  I just assumed this was the other world that I knew always existed but was beyond explanation and relied on mostly faith.  Faith is something I have come to accept in my life especially since I’ve gotten older (not that ‘older’!).  But seeing our exercises being broken down into chemicals and physical changes that fit back into my deep seated paradigm – this was the icing on the cake.  I think the exact time was Wednesday night that I went 100% admitting to myself that 87% or 96% was not going to cut it (incidentally this post was done on Friday but for some reason not published – not sure why – fortunately I keep a copy).  I am quite proud of myself to have gone the last 3 days doing everything ( I am still struggling with Twitter and Tweetdeck and how to set it all up – but I am getting help from a teenager!).

Guys this is it … we are 4 weeks deep into this transformation.  I truly appreciate everyone’s feedback so far – so wild to be in company of such positive people.  I feel truly blessed in that I now have 3 families!  My immediate family (beautiful wife, daughter – 11yrs and son 9 yrs), my dental family (DREAM TEAM and patients), and now all of my fellow MKMMAers!

Remember the family that fires and wires together, stays together!

WEEK 3 – Anybody else?

So here we are deep into week 3.  Worked on my DMP and got a little bit carried away and went well over 400 words.  In fact I was enjoying writing it so much that I didn’t even check the count and went ahead and submitted it.  Sure enough I got an email asking me to trim to 400 words.  As I edited the DMP I realized why only 400 words.  Want to send a concise focused message to the subby!  Not a long verbose piece that is all over the place.  It was interesting how one can send the same message but with far fewer words when you need to.

I’m starting to see very subtle effects of all the exercises that we are doing daily.  Both at work and at home.  Things will go “my way” much more easily  now than in the past.  For example, my kids have been doing their tasks without being asked a million times.  At work, the right sales rep shows up with a product or service that is immediately relevant.  At one point we were have a team meeting when I suggested that we should all start the day with a expresso to raise the energy level.  Not one minute later who should walk in but my lab guy bringing with him a tray of Starbucks coffee!  We all just started laughing!

Looking forward to experiencing more and more of this phenomena.  Enjoy the upcoming weekend y’all and let’s see what wonders week 4 brings!!

WEEK 2 – Settling In

So how did the second week go?  Well it was actually worse than the first.  I will be honest that I did miss a couple of the exercises through the week.  With the reading and sitting exercise and the mind blanking exercise – it was a wonder how I kept it all organized.  Every time I missed something I started to feel that I had let everyone down.  After a couple of days I realized that nobody else cares, the only person I had let down was myself.  This all culminated when I missed the deadline for posting the blog yesterday.

It is true that I had good intentions but I let my old blueprint take over – for a while.  This morning (Saturday) I woke up and completed my reading before even getting out of bed.  By breakfast I now have a summary sheet of what I have to do and by when during the day.  I am NOT letting my old blueprint take over like that again.  Nice try!  This second blog post will be a day late but I am promising myself that I won’t let myself down again.  This is too big to screw up and miss out.

It is funny the second exercise is trying to blank your mind.  Believe it or not I actually used to do this very exercise back in my early teens for a while.  Back then I had a fascination with meditation and I used to think that if I could ever get my mind to totally blank out then I would have special powers!  I have never spoke of this till now and until last week had completely forgotten about this part of my life.  Still found it just as hard to do now as it was then.  That’s right – I never did get special powers!

Ok folks – as I like to say at the end of my office morning huddle; “It’s Showtime”!

WEEK #01 (2013-14) – Back to School

(First BLOG ever…)

Well it has been some time since I have been in school.  I am thoroughly enjoying the process of trying to figure all the things that are required of me.  This brings back memories of the thrill of getting it “right” and having everything completed on time.  The reality however is that I am totally stressed!  Unlike when I was in University, I now have a family , busy dental practice, volunteer organizations that I participate in, have a lawn to cut, driveway to shovel (soon!), banking to keep up to date, social events to attend, MLM meetings to attend.  I’m sure if I let myself go on I could come up with several dozen items I spend my time on now.

But hold on.  I am beginning to realize that this may be the problem.  Am I spinning my wheels in too many different directions?  Do I have a focus.  Not really.  I rarely think several days or weeks in advance.  I make TO DO lists for my TO DO lists.  What I see (am hoping I see) with Master Keys is a way to whittle my activities down to the few that are aligned with my life’s purpose.  Taking this a bit further then I see a way here to actually figure out my life’s purpose.  Believe me, every now and then I ask my wife “What is my purpose in life?”  She looks at me with the ‘stop asking weird questions and take out the garbage’ look.  Of course, it is not her job to tell me my life’s purpose.  That has to come from me.

With this course I hope to commit myself, nay, surrender myself to the system and actually focus long enough to figure out why I am here.  I know I am destined to do wonderful things with my life and be able to look back one day and say “Yes – I made a difference!”