Monthly Archives: November 2013

WEEK 8 – My Kids

Deep into week 8 I had to keep reminding myself through all the distractions why I am doing this.  It is for mini-me #1 and mini-me#2.  Always easier to find time and energy to do the things we must when it involves others external to you.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am surrounding myself 24-7 with MKMMA stuff.  Whether is reading something or listening to audio in my car.  Even at work I am repeating my new mantra “I greet this day with love in my heart” while I am doing my dentistry.  I am finding that it has such a sedative effect on me especially when I automatically say it silently to myself before I start speaking to someone.  Somehow the subsequent conversation always seems to go my way – weird!

This last week and this upcoming week also has me preoccupied with my upcoming test in Kung Fu.  I am testing for my next sash and I am quite nervous.  I know my stuff but test situations can always make things cloudy!  In addition to all the obvious physical stuff there is a huge mental component where they push you to see if you will ‘push through’ at all costs.  I am hoping all this MKMMA has been training my subby – actually I know it has!  Wish me luck 🙂

I trust that everyone has had a great week – see y’all in WEEK 9!


WEEK 7 – Still Here?

So who is still here?  I guess I am!  This week was killer – I found my old blueprint chattering away in my head as I juggled even more things in my life.  Didn’t I post earlier to trim things down?  Kept hearing my old blueprint say things like “just give up – you don’t have time for this” or “you hardly see your family – I thought you wanted to see more of them” and on and on.

Well guess what … I heard what you said Mr. OLD blueprint and I’m not listening anymore.  There is ALWAYS time to do the things we feel are important and necessary.  This is my new mantra (in addition to all the other mantras!).  I guess Mark predicted this about most of us abandoning ship around this time and making excuses why we couldn’t do it now but maybe later.  To my fellow MKMMA’rs … hang in there.  Maybe some of you are sailing through all this – BRAVO!!  Maybe some are like me and trying to push through to the next level … to you I say “DON’T GIVE UP … I WON’T LET YOU … I GOT YOUR BACK!”

Just think what life will be like 4 months and beyond from now.  Right now let’s just help each other and enjoy the process!!  See everyone in WEEK 8.

WEEK 6 – It’s all about LOVE!

It all boils down to our desire to love and to be loved.  Every interaction can be simplified to this truism.  How can humanity be so blind?  I read the second scroll then I had to read it again and again and yet again.  I took my favorite line “I will greet this day with love in my heart” and put it all over my house  and car to remind me never to forget it again.

This was a challenging week for me.  In addition to all the MKMMA stuff happening in my life I went on a 2 day Kung Fu retreat with a master.  In addition to the physical training we also experienced mental training.  It was quite amazing to see how similar it was to the MKMMA exercises.  The most intense of these exercises was “tricking” our brains into thinking we were reborn and that we were starting with a clean slate and reprogramming the “subby”.  I won’t get into the details suffice it to say that it has been 6 days and I still get emotional when I think about it.  One of the themes over this retreat was the inability of most of us to receive love.  This was due to the fact that we have been conditioned to see love only in a few things.  We were taught at this retreat to be able to see love in EVERY situation.  To force ourselves to keep looking until we find it.

Well we are upon week 7 and I am looking forward to incorporating love into all aspects of my life!

WEEK 5 – Method in the Madness

Happy Halloween!  Just finished another candy collecting evening with the kiddies – gathering more candy than they can possibly eat.  I guess I will have  to help them out!

Did anyone else feel their hear skip a beat after watching the Digital Connection Webcast for week 5?  I am starting to see the big picture now Mark J. and it is totally blowing me away.  I am still finding it a challenge to get Twitter and Blogging under my belt but I am doubly motivated to ‘get it’.  Not that I am technically challenged .. far from.  One of the few dentist pioneers who foresaw the digital revolution and went totally paperless and digital over a decade ago – I am finding that there is just too much on my plate.  I tend to want to do it all.  I am finding that I can’t.  Now that we are well into WEEK 5 I know what I have to do.  What I should have done about 15 years ago.  That is to focus on my DMP , ensuring my PPNs are being addressed, and let most other things fall by the wayside.  Well better late than never!!

So back to the Method and Madness.  I am still coming to grips but this network or mastermind has potential far beyond helping us with our business whatever that may be.  Here is a vehicle to effect change around the globe with clear thinking individuals at the helm.  As this MKMMA grows little by little with all of us paying it forward can you imagine the world we will create for our future generations?  (Yes – legacy is one of my PPNs!).

My post Halloween sugar high rambling  is coming to an end.  Let me finish by thanking all of you who have visited my blog and left comments of encouragement – you have no idea how much they mean to me.  Let’s keep on masterminding!!