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WEEK 13 – Family

I hope everyone has had a chance to have some time off and recharge their batteries.  This past week has been particularly crazy for me with both my kids home for their Christmas break.  Normally December is a very busy month for us at the office so I don’t take too much time off.  However, this is when the kids are off and want to spend time with ‘Daddy’.

This year was no different I took 5 days off in a row and then back to normal this coming week.  What was different was that I spent almost all of my time with the kids doing things they wanted to do.  I didn’t do any ‘paperwork’ at home.  Of course, I want to always spend time with the kids but in years past I usually find and excuse to continue to do work at home doing non-clinical things that I perceive need to be done.

These past 5 days have been absolutely amazing!  I feel that I just started to get to know my kids at ages 9 and 11.  I owe this to the MKMMA experience – focusing on my DMP and letting non-essential things slide by the wayside.  Of course they will get done but I am not going to dwell on them.

This week is a short post as I get ready to go back to work.  Next year will be totally different – going to book the full 2 weeks off at Xmas!  Now how did I set the schedule for March break … hmm?!

Happy New Year my friends.  May all of our dreams and more come to fruition!!

WEEK 12 – Reflecting on 2013

As the year comes to an end I always like to sit back and think about how the year went.  Did I accomplish what I set out to do in 2013?  Did I get closer to achieving my goals.  Could I have done anything different to get a better outcome.  Normally this would result in some thoughts I would write down and incorporate into the next years planning.  This year was a little different.  Up till about September it was about the same then BAMM!  I feel as though my life as been flipped upside down!

I am seeing myself actually grow as a person in ways that I would only read about in motivational type books.  I am seeing small things in me that are different.  One being that I am more consistently choosing ‘happy’ over ‘conflict’.  Let me explain.  Typically when things don’t go my way I am in conflict mode where I take things apart and try to figure out who did what.  Now if things are not to my liking, I choose the path that creates the least disruption and quietly speeds me along towards my DMP.  Not that I am anywhere near perfect, but I am WAY more relaxed.

This relaxed attitude seems to be affecting people around me as it gives them an opportunity to screw up while trying new things.  They don’t have me jumping in and taking over.  I am more able to let go of things and truly delegate.

Now don’t get me wrong – I haven’t become a marshmallow.  Quite the opposite.  I still lay out my specific and demanding expectations.  However, when things don’t measure up to these expectations I now have a better capacity to deal with it in a constructive way rather than let my old blueprint run things!

To all my fellow MKMMAers, have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

WEEK 11 – Starting to see the Light!

“Can anyone believe that this year is over?  Seems like it just started.”  How many times have we heard these lines before.  Countless I’m sure.  In fact, I say these lines all the time.  Why do we say them?  It is because we focus things / tasks we haven’t gotten around to completing.  Since it is still on our To Do list we feel that there wasn’t enough time.  The reality is that there is always the same amount of time for all of us.  Some of are just better at managing our time better than others.  I have started to accept that I will get better at organizing my life which in turn will slow time down.

Earlier this week at my clinic my front desk staff had booked my schedule up so that I was triple booked at times.  Needless to say it got very chaotic and I was literally running from room to room.  Anyone who knows me will agree that this is not how I practice dentistry.  I am more of a relaxed 1 patient at a time kind of guy.  As I kept falling further and further behind I was getting more frustrated with my reception team.  I kept thinking “They should know better” and “When this is done I am so going to talk to them about my schedule”.  Eventually the day ended and I was 10 minutes behind.  Most of my patients hadn’t realized I was running behind – instead they were enjoying relaxing in our reception area and listening to Christmas carols on the radio.  I had made a mountain out of a molehill.  After the last patient left I went to the front and congratulated my team on booking superbly and keeping me on track.  Judging from their look it seemed they were expecting a different reaction from me.  That was the old blueprint.  The new mental diet is starting to bubble to the surface.  I’m beginning to like the new me.

Looking forward to week 12 – almost halfway!  Time for me to go shovel some snow outside now.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend y’all!

WEEK 10 – Greet this day with Love!

Greet this day with Love in my heart.  Sounds so simple – right?  I am having so much trouble with this one.  I love this line from Scroll #2.  It is what I want manifested in my life at all times.  Actually let me clarify – it starts out with love in my heart then as the day progresses I feel less able to keep that “love” in my heart.  I know that this situation of mine is transitory and that I will get to a place where there will be love at all times without thinking about it.

The reason I keep dwelling on this this week is because last weekend on the Sunday I attended a personal development workshop through one of our Kung Fu instructors.  At this workshop one of the leaders who was running the event was a phenomenal person.  Within 5 minutes of listening to Arthur I knew that he had “Love in his heart” and that he had it all times.  It was so amazing to be around someone like this.  In fact the 8 hours slipped away like minutes and I would have stayed another 8 hours!  Being around this fellow gave me inspiration to get myself to this elusive state.  But not just have it as a state which is fleeting but rather make it into a trait which will stay with me.

Looking forward to continually working on this.  I know that I will get there.  Having met Arthur was akin to tasting the forbidden fruit – there’s no going back!  I / we all need to get to where he is.  I wish that you all can meet someone like Arthur – it is almost magical the effect a person like this has on you.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend as we move into WEEK 11.

WEEK 9 – MKMMA Withdrawal

Happy Thanksgiving to my neighbors to the south!  Hope you all enjoyed time with your loved ones.  No webinar this week – great opportunity to go back and solidify the things we’ve learned so far!

Hard to believe that we’ve already gone through a third of this program.  I’m finding that even though time seems to be whipping by, my perception of it is beginning to slow down.  I owe this transformation to the daily meditation – clearing my mind for 20 minutes a day in the morning is giving me more clarity.  I don’t feel as though I am in a pinball machine just bouncing around from one thing to another.

This week has been interesting in that I have been completing my tasks without even thinking about them.  In the past I would make TO DO lists that would spiral out of control.  I would maybe get through half of the items then add more, always feeling like I was getting nowhere fast.  Now I only take on tasks that move me closer to my DMP.  Other tasks are delegated or just left behind altogether.  You don’t understand how hard this is for me.  I used to feel that I wasn’t good enough for not being able to complete a million things.  Truth is, I don’t need to complete a million things.  Just needed to focus on a half dozen things and let the rest take care of itself.  This for me has taken a tremendous amount of faith.  My old blueprint still is trying to sneak in from time to time but as my mindfulness of the present continues to grow I can see that it is starting erode away!  Yeah!

Remember to stay the course regardless of which way the wind is blowing.  For my fellow sailors out there just trim the sails accordingly!  Enjoy the time this week to review and solidify.  Catch everyone next week!

(ps – I passed my red sash test on Friday – I can now look forward to even more bruising in class!)