Monthly Archives: January 2014

WEEK 17 – Nature Greatest Miracle!

I’ve been reading the fourth scroll now for over 3 weeks now.  Of all of the scrolls we’ve read so far, this one has hit me the most.  It seems that in pursuing success we often overlook our greatest asset – ourselves.

I have certainly been guilty of this.  It is always Go, Go, Go!  In our youth our bodies will take a lot of punishment but eventually you have to pay the piper.  We need to take care of the vehicle that will eventually lead us to realizing our DMP.  Saying this scroll repeatedly has reminded me what a true miracle I am – we ALL are.

Knowing our uniqueness gives us a certain posture and attitude which are another piece of the puzzle moving us towards that we desire most.  Remember you are natures greatest miracle and nothing can stop you!

My next blog this week should be posted by Thursday then I will be off grid down in Central America.  If I happen to catch a WiFi signal I will try and post blog for next week otherwise I will see everyone in 2 weeks!

WEEK 16 – Kindness Everywhere!

Welcome WEEK 16.  I loved this weeks exercise of posting 2 acts of kindness that we experienced every day.  It is amazing how much kindness is out there when we actively turn our attention to it.

To be honest until this week I have never given kindness much thought.  Now that I am seeing it everywhere I am getting overwhelmed.  It seems that when I started to notice acts of kindness that my awareness actually stimulates more kindness.  Can you imagine a world where everyone on the whole planet had to post 2 acts of kindness everyday?  It would be a world much different than the current one.    At least we’re doing our part to make it better.  I think I am going to continue to report on kindness on a daily basis.  Who knows maybe this is how it starts into a worldwide phenomenom!  Nothing wrong with dreaming big – something I’m more comfortable with since starting this MK transformation.

In two weeks I leave for Guatemala in Central America with a team of dentists and support staff.  We will be providing dentistry for kids who otherwise would not have access to proper oral health care.  Each year the group consists of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Team members will do whatever is necessary to get the job done.  When we are done there we always get dozens of locals who want to help us achieve our goal of seeing as many kids as possible.  Its like I said earlier – kindness breeds additional kindness.  I am looking forward to experiencing Guatemala differently now that I am wearing my kindness goggles!

Enjoy the weekend – catch everyone next week!

WEEK 15 – Gratitude

I think one of the most powerful exercise in our MK program is writing out the gratitude cards.  Focusing on on what we are grateful for allows us to appreciate everything in our lives that others may not have.  Before I started this program I would often dwell on things that were missing in my life.  This behaviour would leave me feeling not quite at peace with myself.  Superficially I knew I had it pretty good but at the end of the day the glass was often half empty.

It was when I started writing out my cards and doing the exercise that I realize that not only do I have it pretty good …. I have it pretty damn amazing!  Once I started to write my cards the flood gates opened up and the gratitude started to pour out of me.

With gratitude in my heart all facets of my life are being seen in a different light.  At work I am thankful for my team who work so hard with me and for my patients who give me the opportunity to be their dentist.  At home I am thankful for my loving wife who pretty much runs our house.  I feel blessed to have 2 wonderful children in my life who always have a smile for their daddy.  I can`t begin to describe my gratitude for having a healthy body which allows me pursue my passion for sports such as ice hockey, snow boarding, kung fu, rollerblading, cycling, swimming, sailing.  Many of my friends who are the same age or younger have had to give up things due to knee issues or other ailments.

There will always be challenges in life but they can be dealt with more easily when there is genuine gratitude in our hearts.  I am so enjoying this journey.

WEEK 14 – Happy New Year!

Wishing all of my fellow MKMMA’ers a happy and prosperous  new year.  Although wishing this seems a bit redundant since we are all working on achieving this by design.  I know all of us are moving toward our DMP and are experiencing all kinds of effects as we go through our transformation.  However, this past week there was not much going on in my particular neck of the woods.  Nothing really worth reporting … seems a bit odd to me as well.  Maybe there doesn’t always have to be something – maybe sometimes silence is just as welcome.

Short blog this week.  I’m sure this is just the calm before the storm … a good storm 🙂