Monthly Archives: March 2014

WEEK 22 – Old Blueprint

Greetings my fellow MKMMA brothers and sisters.  Well another week has passed us by.  I thought this past week’s webinar lesson was brilliant.  Using negativity in our lives to create a positive experience?  Are you kidding?  This might be the holy grail that is missing in all of our lives.  Of course, positive experiences evoke a positive emotion but to have negative emotions also lead us to a positive experience is having our cake and eating it too!

Now I have been trying to get this going for the last 2 weeks.  The keyword being “TRYING”.  My old  blueprint has been attempting to make a comeback.  I attribute this to my being away recently for about 2 weeks.  I suppose I didn’t realize that being away from the the MK process would allow things to slide back.  I sat down a few days ago to reassess where things are headed and I didn’t like what I saw.  I was  falling off the MK train.  I had missed writing my blog, missed my mastermind meeting, failed to review my notes … Not Good!

Well I’ve decided  that I’ve come too far to let myself, my family and all of you down.  I thank you all in advance for you support.  This brother is BACK!

(WEEK 23 – Blog to follow shortly!)