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WEEK 05 – Faith in the Subconscious

“The subconscious can and will solve any problem for us if we know how to direct
it. The subconscious processes are always at work; the only question is, are we to
be simply passive recipients of this activity, or are we to consciously direct the
work? Shall we have a vision of the destination to be reached, the dangers to be
avoided, or shall we simply drift?”

This is line #2 in part 5 of the Masterkeys.  This has touched me at so many levels.  I realize that I have been simply adrift.  I have been waiting to grow up to start working on my goals not grasping that I was already grown up.  It’s funny how at some point in later life you look back and say “Hey what was I waiting for?”

This week I had my old blueprint rear it’s ugly head and throw a couple of challenges at me.  Not small ones but the really big, “knock the wind out of you” ones.  Initially I started to give in and had a bit of a pity party.  Fortunately my wife (also doing Masterkey) with me helped snap me back.  The problem was that I was losing faith.  And when that happens – everything and I mean everything unravels.  Faith is the key.  Instead of trying to create solutions I was letting my subconscious purpetuate my dilemma by feeding it with negativity.  This thinking would lead me to have what I have always had.  Time to do something different and trust in the Masterkeys.

Slowly I realized that my whole life has been a creation of my thoughts, both positive and negative.  Good things when I had good thoughts and bad things when I was less then my potential.  I have decided I want more so that I can give more.  My old blueprint is NOT allowed to run the show anymore.

This weeks Masterkey lesson came at the right time for me.  It reminded me of the power I /we all possess and to trust the process by which we all are going to release it.  And when that happens it shall be a thing to see.


WEEK 04 – It’s Quittin Time

I really like the way Mark J put it in this week’s webinar.  “All of you are going to quit”  He was absolutely right.  I did quit.  I quit giving less than 100%.  It’s one of those things that I probably would have continued to carry on unless it was addressed.  It is amazing to see how powerful our old blueprint can be.  It wants things to stay the same.  Why rock the boat it says.  Why mess with things when we are doing ok?

That’s the dilemma – our higher self has decided that “ok” is not good enough for us anymore.  We need to be something bigger and have more fulfillment.  We try to tell the subbie that we want to do this and we want to do that but the minute our attention turns, subbie snaps things back to autopilot.  We then justify this behaviour to ourselves saying that maybe other people need to do ALL the assignments but we should be fine.  Next thing you know we are changing the program so it is convenient to us.  This leads to mediocre results which reinforces to us that maybe this program doesn’t really work.  We then just simply drift away from Masterkey.

Well this week I drew a line in the sand and said to myself that if I am going to give this a chance then I had better do things EXACTLY as they are laid out for us.  It can’t be any easier than this – Mark J , Davene and the gang have made the process mindless.  I challenge my MK brothers and sisters out there in the “blogverse” to join me in “QUITTIN”.  Let’s put an end to just going through the motions and hoping for a miracle.  Let’s actually do the work that is asked of us and then sit back and enjoy the wild ride that we are surely  going to take!

Week 03 – Do It Now!

I have to admit my biggest challenge has been my habit of procrastination.  I am the king of getting so bogged down with “things to do” that I become a deer in the headlights and just freeze up.  If by going through this Masterkey experience I only change this one thing then I will have won a huge victory.  This was me coming into this program a couple of weeks ago.

Fast forward 3 weeks.  This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada.  Of the 4 day long weekend we spent 3 in Ottawa visiting friends.  On the holiday Monday we were back home planning to relax.  However that morning, something clicked and I jumped out of bed and insisted my wife and kids join me in a short 5km bike ride around our neighborhood.  We have to get our juices flowing I kept saying as they grumbled following me to the garage.  By the time we were back all of us were energized and ready to do the opposite of “relax”!

I decided that I was going to tackle my home office.  I needed to clear the clutter on my desk, on the floor, on my bookshelf – you get the idea!  Normally I would make a TO DO list then get to work.  I would only get about 5 of the 20 items completed then the excuses would start.  I would justify why today wasn’t the day I would get caught up.  This time was different.  I went to work and found that tasks were being completed quicker than I anticipated.  It was awesome!  I got about 95% completed by the time I ran out of steam.  The funny thing was that it didn’t take nearly as long as I had anticipated.

I believe I am starting to see a manifestation of our daily exercises.  These seemingly small tasks of reading, sitting, listening are starting to change my mindset.  This now makes the MKMMA tangible and exciting.  I can’t wait to see what else will happen!  So if you’re reading this post and wondering why you are doing all this – please stick with it.  I am sure it will click for you when the time is right.  In the meantime … DO IT NOW!!!

WEEK 02 – Habits

I an totally enjoying the MKMMA experience so far.  I am looking forward to unlearning the habits that I have picked up over the years and replacing them with ones that move me closer to my DMP.  I am finding that I am going to have to give up some things in my life at least temporarily so that I can fully commit to MKMMA.  I am one of these people who can’t say no to anything.  I usually feel that if I don’t have a dozen things on the go at the same time I am not being productive.

Time to slow down.  In order to be able to fully immerse myself in Masterkey I will be trimming back on things that I absolutely don’t need to do.  Time to start delegating.  Even at my dental office I have started pawning out things that don’t require me.  It is quite liberating!  My staff are a bit puzzled as to why the change.  Funny thing is that they are actually excited to be given more responsibility.  It is win win for everyone.  I get more free time and my team get to become proficient at other duties.

It is the same thing at home with our 2 kids.  Both have been given more and more items that they are responsible for.  Although they are doing a great job I can see they will take more monitoring till they get it right.

As I create more time for myself, I am spending more time with Masterkey.  More time with Masterkey is helping build my new positive habits.  The side benefit is that the people I get to help me (my TEAM and my kids) also get to develop good habits.  So in a sense my committment to Masterkey doesn’t just benefit me but everyone around me.  Very cool!

WEEK 01 – At the Starting Line … “Start Your Engines!”

I feel I am an Indy car driver sitting at the Pole Position waiting for the race to start.  The engine is purring just waiting to be let loose and tear up the race track!  I know that I have huge potential just under the hood waiting to be unleashed on this world.  We all feel at some point or another that we were meant to contribute something great to humanity.  More often than not – those childhood dreams start to fizzle out as we get older and we take on responsibilities of going to school, raising a family and earning a living.

I found that older I got the more elusive it was to really figure what I was meant for.  Of course most of us wouldn’t even know how to go about trying to figure out our life’s purpose even if we had the time.  Not true anymore.  Thanks to Mark, Davene and the rest of the MKMMA team we are all about to learn how to chase down our dreams.  In fact, I am so excited to be doing the exercises this past week that I can hardly contain myself sometimes.

Now before I go any further, I have a confession to make.  I was part of the class in 2013 that did the MKMMA program – what a ride that was AND what a tremendous amount of work.  I went through the motions but on some deeper level I never really let the MKMMA permeate to my inner core.  However, knowing what I know now I am ready to commit.  To be honest I have seen a huge change in me over the year from what I have learned and I’m looking forward to build on it.  This time my wife has also decided that she wants in.  To be honest, I am so happy that she has decided to share this experience with me.  I know it will be that much better!

I am approaching a cross road in my life both professionally as a dentist and a daddy.  First as a daddy, my kiddies (Aasha – little 12 year old girl going on 20 and Neel age 10) are now somewhat independent of needing me and look to my wife and I as role models.  They emulate all that we do so it only makes sense that we emulate successful behaviours as taught by the Masterkey Program.  They won’t have to unlearn bad habits – how cool!  Second as a dentist I am ready to explode my office to a whole new level and be able to help even more people.  I have a fantastic DREAM TEAM that I currently work with who are all commited to delivering excellent care.  There is a perfect storm brewing in my life and MKMMA is going to help channel this energy in ways I can’t still imagine!

To all my fellow MKMMAers, I look forward to sharing this journey with you!