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WEEK 09 – Health, Wealth and Love

These are the things we seek in the world without.  If we look at our DMP carefully, it would whittle down to these three categories.  However in order to “have” them we need them to manifest in the world within.  Our journey with the Masterkey program has been to impress these three desires to our subconsciousness so that we can live the life of our dreams.

I am finally beginning to see something in myself.  Up till now I did the exercises but I would just go through the motions.  There was the passion and feeling but most times there was also a whole lot of other stuff flying around in there.  The daily sit is my most favorite exercise.  It is my time to try and clear my thoughts and meditate just on myself.  I suspect the next trimester will create even more beneficial rewiring.  My most exciting change is I have learned (most times) to be able to slow down time and become an observer of events happening to me and around me.  Slowing things down gives me a chance to think of the best possible course of action.  It is hard to explain exactly what I mean but remember the scene in the first Matrix movie where Neo finally starts seeing “code” and is able to stop the bullets and make them drop to the ground?  Ok, it’s nothing like that but that’s where I’d like it to head towards!

I have been reading a book titled “Super Brain” by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi that is a must read.  In the book the concepts that we are learning keep coming up (in fact they have been referenced by Mark J.).  At one point they talk about the potential of the human brain is based on the number of potential synaptic connections that are possible.  They put this number as 10 followed by a million zeroes.  To give you the sheer size of this number they contrast it with the total number of particles in the known universe  which is 10 followed by only sevety-nine zeroes.  In essence our brains are limitless in its ability to create our reality.  Very cool.

Happy Thanksgivings to my neighbors south of the border.  See everyone in  2 weeks!

WEEK 08 – “Time, Time, Time … See what’s become of me” – Bangles

As we complete the first third of the MK program I am reminded of a line from a popular 80’s song by the Bangles.  A graduating classmate had written it as part of their quote in the yearbook.  Probably having no idea how importance this concept of Time would be in our lives.  Most of us back in school think about how much money we will earn and where we will live and what cars we will drive.  I was no different.  However, twenty  years later, the reality is the only thing that matters is how I can acquire more time.

I loved the way it was described in the webinar.  We all get a finite amount of time deposited into our bank accounts to spend as we wish.  Some of us make horseshoes and some of us make jewellery parts.  Same material but significantly different value.  I have found that in most circumstances I make horseshoes thinking that I’m making jewellery.  Over the last several weeks as I have gone through the daily exercises, I am starting to find that I don’t need to do a “lot” of things.  I find myself doing fewer things that are more meaningful and impactful both at work and at home.

At the office, I only do three things now.  I diagnose and treatment plan dental problems, I complete the treatment plans and lastly I document what I have done.  Everything else in the office can be completed by my team who usually do a better job!

At home, we have removed the TV distraction.  We have cancelled cable.  We now have more discussions with each other.  We play board games, card games, have snowball fights (weather permitting!).  Kids still miss TV and we will watch the occasional movie on the weekend, but I think another couple of months and it will fade from their memory.

Hopefully we are teaching our kids to make fine jewellery parts from their iron bar right from the get go before they make a pile of useless horseshoes!

WEEK 07 – Gratitude

There are people out there that are optimists.  They always see the glass as being half full.  They always have a word of encouragement regardless of how things are going.  These guys are just always happy and every situation in their world has a silver lining.  In my life I have had the good fortune to have met one such person.

That would be my wife of 19 years.  She has taught me to look past superficial flaws and see the beauty in everything.  Over the years, her outlook has been slowly rubbing off on me.  I thank the Gods for bringing her into my life and changing how my story unfolded.  As a younger man, I was quick to see the downside to any situation and accept that this is how it was.

Now I try to see the world through “wife eyes”!  I am not perfect and I still get into situations where I host a pity party.  However this is not the norm anymore.  Life is more enjoyable when I remembers to say a mental “Thank you” for everything that is good in my life.  Even when faced with challenges, I am reminded that it is a matter of perspective.  What I consider challenges or problems might be looked on by someone else as a blessing and happily trade places with me.

By practicing a healthy attitude of gratitude, life has and will be an incredible journey!


WEEK 06 – Accountability

As I have gotten older, I have often found myself longing for my days when I was in formal education.  Starting with elementary school, middle school, high school and then finally my jaunt at university.  Sometimes I would joke with my student patients asking if I could trade places with them.  They would look at me as if I had 2 heads!  They couldn’t understand why anyone would want to go back to such a stressful time in their life.  The truth is that yes it was stressful, crazy stressful, making sure I was getting the grades to get where I wanted to go.  However it also came packaged with imposed structure.  I had course guidelines laid out, I had deadlines to meet, I was given material to study and there were consequences for falling short of expectations.

Now that I was out of that arena, I had create my own structure with deadlines and consequences.  This was far harder that I thought.  It was easy to just push the deadline another day, or week or even a month.  Sometimes tasks just fell by the wayside.  Then of course, if things weren’t done I had to come up with a consequence for myself.  Yeah right!  I was going to punish myself.  As you can probably guess, this didn’t happen very often!

With this Masterkey program, I have found a way to become accountable again.  Not just to external third parties but to myself.  This is what I was missing.  The self imposed structure that is key to success in anything we want to accomplish.  On some level I think we all know this, but just decide not to act.  Well no more.  This was the week for me that I really felt that if this was going to work then it was up to me.

I am excited to share this journey with my fellow MKMMAer’s.  I challenge all of you out there to not make any more excuses and just get it done – you can do it!  I want all of you with me up on stage for our virtual graduation next spring. 😉