Monthly Archives: December 2014

WEEK 13 – Tis the Season!

To all my MKMMA brothers and sisters – wishing all of you happy and festive Christmas Season and a prosperous New Year!

I always like to end the year reflecting back on all that I experienced and accomplished in the last 12 months.  Some pursuits have drifted out of my life and other things have taken their place.  Through all of this change I accept that I am in control.  I make the choice to do or not to do.  These last three months have been crazy busy between work, family and the MKMMA program.  Looking back however, I know that the old BP still keeps rearing its ugly head and sometimes taking me off track.  My busyness is often a product of not being focused on my DMP.  Once I get back on track – life seems to slow down again.

I know 2015 and the second half of the MK course will be even more rewarding.  Wishing everyone continues to move closer towards their DMP!

On a completely different topic I’d like to share something I came across not too long ago.  Like some people I enjoy music – both playing and listening.  I came across a beautiful piano piece by an Italian composer that is brilliant and a must listen … enjoy!

WEEK 12 – Building Bridges

This week was a crazy busy week with the Holiday Season upon us.  Busy at the office and busy with family get togethers.  Despite everything going on I still manage to find time for MKMMA.  It always seems like I won’t be able to fit in but then at the end of the day when I reflect back it’s all done.  It feels like I am building bridges with people who “conspire” with the universe to help me achieve my daily goals.

It’s hard to explain but I think this may be one of those effects of our efforts over the past couple of months.  Essentially I tell the subby what I need and it takes over and makes things happen.  Most times I am too busy to appreciate what just happened – sometimes for a couple of days.  Then it dawns on me that things are working out more consistently  without too much effort on my part.

When something needs to happen, a solution presents itself – often in the guise of a person who want to build a bridge with me.  Once this is established, I move a little closer towards my DMP.  I can’t wait to see how the second half of this will unfold!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

WEEK 11 – Can you imagine?

This past week I have had the opportunity to spend some time in the  Alliance section as well as respond to some blog comments.  I don’t know about you but I get a tingle all over when I read these comments.  There is something so therapeutic to having your spirit lifted even if it is by a short comment.  Those few words have the power to change the course of my day.  Sometimes I even go back and read previous comments when I need a boost.

I got to thinking how wonderful it is to have a MK family that is supportive and non-judgemental.  Can you imagine if everyone we can into contact with was the same way?  Can you imagine a community, a country, a planet where we high-fived each other all the time and spoke in a positive tone/manner?  Can you imagine what life would be like if the whole planet was in the MKMMA program?  Can you imagine?  I can!

I am beginning to understand what Mark and Davene are up to.  I am starting to appreciate their lofty goals of reaching upwards of 30, 000 people in the coming years.  I am willing to do my part to help them reach this goal.  I am sure everyone out there in the MKMMA  world will do the same.

WEEK 10 – Digging in Despite old BP Resurgence.

This past week was a bit tougher than most.  I had my old blueprint come back with a vengeance telling me to drop all this “MKMMA nonsense”  and just go back to the way it was.  It kept saying that all this work has created the mess I’m in right now.

A little background here will make sense of this “mess”.  A couple of weeks ago at my Kung Fu class I felt some muscle soreness in my right shoulder which I dismissed to the exercises in class.  No contact just forms drills.  So I didn’t think anything of my discomfort and assumed it would be gone in a few days.  A week later the pain was still there but I was busy with work and family so I ignored it.  Another week goes by and the pain has not let up, in fact, it is getting more intense.  It was starting to affect my work so I sat done and did a self assessment.  Oh boy, I think I have a pinched nerve in my neck which is creating the muscle pain/spasm and the numbness in my left arm.

I scheduled myself for a massage and acupuncture to see if that would help but I couldn’t get an appointment for almost 10 days.  While waiting for my appointment the pain started to come on with almost any motion in my back or arm.  I am not much of a complainer when it comes to pain but when you have a level 8 or 9 pain ALL the time eventually you just want to stop everything and just sleep.  My energy level started to ebb and I didn’t want to do anything.

This is the point when the old BP saw its opportunity and started ribbing me to drop this MKMMA.  Sadly I started to listen for a day or two.  It is just amazing how much ones will can be eroded with chronic pain.  Fortunately my wife is a fellow MKMMAer and kept me focused.  Without her help I probably would not be writing this blog.  My apologies for being late by a day.

Once I snapped back to my senses despite the pain I told the old BP to beat it.  My pain is still there but I am trying to be more the observer and not so much the victim.  I know this eventually will pass and I’ll laugh about it in a couple of weeks.  Actually why wait?  I’ll laugh now!