Week #05 (2015-16) – Drink Deep

This was a great week.  I finally felt a sense of being back in control of things.  Work life has settled down and is now humming along.  There are still seemingly a million things to do but I don’t feel the stress.  My volunteer commitments are also back on track.  I also feel that I am more engaged in my family life.  I am finding that I am breaking my big tasks into smaller bite size morsels that are easy to get through.  As a result of finishing smaller tasks I am giving my subby frequent small victories which is starting to snowball.

I know we have already discussed this over the past several weeks but sometimes until I experience it first hand I seem to have a hard time accepting things on faith.  There is that faith thing again.  Still working on it and certainly getting better.

Next week we move on to the next scroll.  Although the first scroll is powerful, the second one is my favorite. Being my third round of Masterkey I have had a preview of things to come.  I find it the key to the entire program at least for me is the second scroll which talks about having love in our hearts.  With this as a base there is nothing that cannot be achieved eventually.  It reminds us to look at ALL things with a softer gaze and see the beauty in everything.  Everything from a beautiful sunset to the guy who cut you off in traffic!  Sorry had to throw that in – was getting a bit too serious 🙂

As I close out the Blog for Week #5, I leave you with a quote that has been with me for the last 28 years.  “Learning is a dangerous thing, drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring” – Alexander Pope.  Till next week – stay thirsty my friends … sorry couldn’t resist!


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