Week #06 (2015-16) – Nice Try Old Blueprint!

This was a crazy week.  Every single day there seemed to be a fire that needed to be extinguished by yours truly!  The old blueprint was trying hard to get me to lose focus on Masterkey.  In fact, I sort of did.  I started to convince myself that maybe I will deal with “Stuff” this week and get back into it in the next week or two.  I had a chat with my wife midweek who then reminded me that you can’t skip activities and expect to get results.  Either do it fully and properly or don’t do it at all.  My wife has done the program last year and knows how it works.

She is right.  After 20 years of being married to my bestest friend I have lost count of how many times I have said that.  I have started to clear my plate of things that are not directly part of my DMP.  Feels quite good actually.  I have made a timetable of how my day should flow with all my required activities on it.

I have always had a dream board but this week I worked on modifying it so that it had a Masterkey flair to it.  Always enjoyed arts and crafts!  Now that things were starting to get back on track I hit another bump on the road.  My laptop and essentially my lifeline to basically everything went haywire.  I ended up having to reformat and reinstall everything.  It took 3 days but I now have my laptop back (thankfully I have been diligent with my backups so no data was lost).  Sorry but that is why this BLOG post is a bit tardy.  Now that my computer is fully functional again, I will be back on track again.

To my Indian MKMMAers – wishing you all a joyous and prosperous Diwali!



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