Week #07 (2015-16) – Visualize!

This week marks a pivotal point in my Masterkey journey.  I am starting to finally “get” how this all works.  All the little parts that Mark J and the gang have been talking about the past few weeks are finally making sense.  Individually, these exercises don’t amount to much but synergistally its a whole new ball game!

Little things in my life have been lining up more often than not.  I fully chalk it up to the Masterkey experience so far.  Things at the office are looking great.  My home and family life is wonderful.  Things are just getting done without all the drama surrounding it.  Seems like the catchup game that most of us play is starting to come to an end.  I feel that once we are “caught up”, that is when the real magic starts to happen!

This week we are visualizing.  This is very powerful.  Sometimes we get so wound up in our lives that we fail to realize that we are creating our reality on some level by the thoughts and images that we hold in our minds.  This goes back to all the little exercises that Mark J. et al has us doing so that we visualize “better”.  Great job Mark J.  – looking forward to even more positivity in my life!


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