Week #08 (2015-16) – Imagination

This week we focused on our imagination.  Anything we want to create in the world without, we need to create in the world within using our imagination.  Seems so logical and obvious.  I can’t speak for anyone else but as I have grown older and become a responsible adult my imagination has been left behind long ago.  This week as I did my readings and sit I tried to figure why this has happened.  I really don’t have a good answer.

As my kids were growing up I would see their imagination in their school work, in the pillow forts they made, the wall drawing they made with crayons, putting up their artwork on our walls using a lip blam “glue stick”.  Now they are still young (ages 11 & 13) but I can see that they are following in their daddy’s footsteps and becoming more and more logical and practical.  Well this has to come to an end!

These are the seemingly “childish” exercises we are all doing in the Masterkey.  I can feel my imagination starting to surface again.  It is certainly a progression to get to a point where the effects start to come together based on us changing the cause.  One thing is for sure – my kids are never allowed to lose their imagination!


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