Week #09 (2015-16) – Positive Affirmation!

I am whole, perfect strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

I love this affirmation – I just keep repeating it whenever I have any alone time.  I know this is sending a message to my subby  and will manifest over time.  In fact, back in the spring of this year I had some nerve pinching issues in my neck while I was off doing volunteer work in Guatemala.  This affirmation was probably the single biggest reason I didn’t have any major issues while down there.

How is everyone doing on the 7 Day Mental Diet?  I am having a hard time keeping a clear head.  Initially I would only last a couple of hours then BAM I’d fall of the wagon.  Even now, my longest stretch has only been 3 days and then something happens to derail me.  I can’t seem to become the observer as easily as I’d like.  Not giving up though … I AM going to get there!

Happy Thanksgiving to my USA brothers and sisters!

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