Week #11 (2015-16) – Wedding Festivities

I have officially lost internet connection and am preparing this on paper medium.  Initially I freaked out with no internet but now 2 days later I am quite at peace with it.  In fact, I am enjoying not being tethered to the rest of the world for a change.

Although we are taught to be in the moment and dwell on the past of the future, I still find it tricky .  It is only when something like this comes along that you can truly focus on the here and now.  Wedding festivities for my nephew are in full swing.  Indian weddings usually last about 3 days with various functions and ceremonies happening.  With nothing else to take my attention away I am enjoying myself immensely.

During down time I am focusing on doing my MKMMA exercises and reviewing past lessons.  So nice reading on the veranda in tropical weather.  I could get used to this!  Next blog from sunny Canada and hopefully not so cold weather?!


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