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Week #14 (2015-16) – Persistence

Over te holidays, I had a chance to watch COOL RUNNINGS.  What a great movie!  I had seen it before many years ago, but this time I watched with different eyes.  The story is about a young Jamaican sprinter named Dorice who has a dream of going to the Olympics and follow in his father’s footsteps.  On the day of the trials in the final heat there is an accident and he along with 2 other runners get disqualified even though Dorice is favoured to win.

Up to this point, Dorice has been practicing for what seems like his entire life with only one though on his mind – that of going to the Olympics to compete.  After he is disqualified he pleads with the organizer to give him another chance but is told he will have to wait for 4 years.  However you can see in his eyes that he can’t wait that long.  Since one door has closed for him his persistence forces him to open another door.  He ends up finding an older fellow and wants to help him fulfill his dream of coaching a Jamaican bobsled team.

Dorice then goes on to recruit fellow team mates to form a mastermind alliance who are all aligned to the same purpose and willing to help each other.  Once the team arrives in Calgary for the Olympics they are ridiculed for wanting to compete as bob sledders.  This is a sport that Jamaica traditionally did not compete in.  Despite the challenges, Dorice and his team mates manage to qualify and go on to race in the Olympics.  During their final run, their bobsled has a technical malfunction and they end up crashing short of the finish which causes them to disqualify.  However, their persistence to complete what they started forces them to pick up their sled and walk the last dozen meters to the finish line.  As they walk everyone cheers them on, acknowledging their burning desire to be at the Olympics.

Had Dorice not had that burning desire from the beginning he would have quit long ago.  Because of his vision, he got to the Olympics one way or another!

Week #13 (2015-16) – Christmas Holidays!

I enjoyed this weeks lesson.  It resonated with me being a science major back in university.  All my life I have had to apply the scientific method to the world around me.  Gather data, interpret and make conclusions and extrapolations.  I was taught this method applies to the physical world, but now I also understand that it can explain the spiritual and mental world.

On some level I think we all know that the non-physical realms must have a method behind it.  It just needs more concentration and open-mindedness to understand it.  Most times in our lives we block out the power of thought as we go about our daily lives.  In order to truly benefit from the power of thought we need to give it proper cultivation and allow it to be .  The sits I have been doing regularly have been doing this I believe.  I have to be honest in that not every sit is of the same “quality”.  Some are better that others.  However when I do get a few good ones in a row I can start to become the observer and see the stuff I have been missing most of my life.

Wishing all of my MKMMA brothers and sister and Happy Holiday season over the next couple of weeks.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Week #12 (2015-16) – Finally Home and Staying Put!

Got home late last week from my trip to India.  So happy to be home.  I love to travel but it takes a lot out of you.  Especially the jet lag thing.  So happy to have had the chance to see my old grandmother in person again.  Still going strong at 93 years young – I’m hoping some of those genes have been passed down!

Finally back to MKMMA webinars – looking forward to catching up and getting back into the groove.  I like the analogy given this week in the Lesson.  That our concentration is like the focus in a camera.  Blurred images result from no focus, but with focus the images become crystal clear and sharp.  Our concentration is the same, with proper concentration on our ideals the “results will be in accordance with our mental picture”.  I understand this perfectly as an avid amateur photographer.

Still jet lagged and so I must bid you adieu and listen to my body – something that MKMMA has taught me do without feeling guilt of leaving stuff to do.  Seems bizarre when I think of my former thought processes!