Week #12 (2015-16) – Finally Home and Staying Put!

Got home late last week from my trip to India.  So happy to be home.  I love to travel but it takes a lot out of you.  Especially the jet lag thing.  So happy to have had the chance to see my old grandmother in person again.  Still going strong at 93 years young – I’m hoping some of those genes have been passed down!

Finally back to MKMMA webinars – looking forward to catching up and getting back into the groove.  I like the analogy given this week in the Lesson.  That our concentration is like the focus in a camera.  Blurred images result from no focus, but with focus the images become crystal clear and sharp.  Our concentration is the same, with proper concentration on our ideals the “results will be in accordance with our mental picture”.  I understand this perfectly as an avid amateur photographer.

Still jet lagged and so I must bid you adieu and listen to my body – something that MKMMA has taught me do without feeling guilt of leaving stuff to do.  Seems bizarre when I think of my former thought processes!

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