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WEEK 22 – Old Blueprint

Greetings my fellow MKMMA brothers and sisters.  Well another week has passed us by.  I thought this past week’s webinar lesson was brilliant.  Using negativity in our lives to create a positive experience?  Are you kidding?  This might be the holy grail that is missing in all of our lives.  Of course, positive experiences evoke a positive emotion but to have negative emotions also lead us to a positive experience is having our cake and eating it too!

Now I have been trying to get this going for the last 2 weeks.  The keyword being “TRYING”.  My old  blueprint has been attempting to make a comeback.  I attribute this to my being away recently for about 2 weeks.  I suppose I didn’t realize that being away from the the MK process would allow things to slide back.  I sat down a few days ago to reassess where things are headed and I didn’t like what I saw.  I was  falling off the MK train.  I had missed writing my blog, missed my mastermind meeting, failed to review my notes … Not Good!

Well I’ve decided  that I’ve come too far to let myself, my family and all of you down.  I thank you all in advance for you support.  This brother is BACK!

(WEEK 23 – Blog to follow shortly!)

WEEK 21 – Kids Perspective

Before I start this week’s blog I want to convey a heartfelt “Thank you” to my MKMMA brothers and sisters out there.  Thank you for your “Welcome back”s following my last trip and just general comments over the last several months.  I don’t know about you but your comments / encouraging words / virtual pats on the back are priceless.  They are like a bright ray of sunshine.  Sorry for being melodramatic but I just wanted you to know that especially when we live in a world where we don’t necessarily give a whole lot of positive feedback to each other.

Since returning from Guatemala I have been inseparable from my two kiddos.  I can’t spend enough time with them both.  I try to do as much as I can before they go to sleep every night.  Because they are spending more time with me they see more of this MKMMA “stuff” that Daddy is doing.  Over the last few months, they know daddy is doing some kind of course but I have not really expanded on what it is.  I just assumed that they wouldn’t understand.  Long story short – I ended telling them that the daddy is doing a course to help him become a better person.  They both asked if they can learn to be better people so they wouldn’t fight with each other so much.

I looked at them both and trying not to get emotional told them both they were perfect.  However, since they were curious I thought why not show them what this is all about.  So now both of them join me when I do some of exercise.  They also listen to the scrolls in the car (found them in audio form!).  Let ‘s see where this goes – I will keep you all posted on their progress.

This has got me thinking why isn’t this stuff taught in out schools.  A lot of problems in our society could be minimized or even eliminated if people knew their potential and how to achieve it in harmony with everyone else.  MKMMA for kids … interesting notion!

Signing off till next week – Adios!

WEEK 18-20 – That Which Truly Matters

Greetings to my fellow MKMMA brothers and sisters!  It is good to be back from the jungles of Guatemala.  Actually it is good and bad at the same time – more on this later.  For those of you new to my blog let me get you up to date.  Every February I travel with a mobile dental team that goes to Central America (mostly Guatemala) to provide free dentistry to children who otherwise wouldn’t have access to dental care.  Our travels plans are set months in advance – prior to my starting the MK program.  As a result I had a take a leave from “schooling” for the last 3 weeks.  Now that I am back I am trying to get caught up with my life as a dentist, father, husband, MKMMA’er, the list goes on.

Although this was my 7th trip to Guatemala I found my recovery this time the hardest.  I attribute this to the complexity of our North American lifestyle.  Life is so simple when I am down in Guatemala.  This year we traveled to a new site close to the east cost of Guatemala.  Of all the times I have been to Guatemala, I would say that this one was the most rewarding.  Our base camp was about 10 miles east of the town of Rio Dulce at a charity school called Ak’Tenamit.  Our lodging could be described as wooden tents with 4 bunks.  There was no power at the camp unless we ran our generator.  Typically we would run for about an hour prior to bed in order to charge various dental equipment.  Because of our remote location we also didn’t have access to Internet or mobile phone.  Talk about being ‘off grid’ … I loved it!!!!

The only problem was I couldn’t keep up with some of my MK tasks.  I was glad to be finally back so I could start to process of catching up but at another level I wish that I could keep my life as simple as it was.  It has been 2 weeks since I have been back – it seems like a lifetime ago that I was trekking through the rain forest.  In the last 14 days I have managed to get most of my life back on track and get caught up.  However now that I have tasted the simpler life I have started to trim the excess “fat” in my life.  I ask myself if “Exhibit A” from my life is in alignment with my DMP.  If no then it gets dropped.  In the past I was finding it hard to let go of things but not anymore!

This trip helped to show me “That which truly matters”  I am grateful to the rest of my team both at home and in Guatemala for helping support me and allowing me to do my little part in making the world a slightly better place.

(some pictures from Guatemala – Feb 2014)

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WEEK 17 – Nature Greatest Miracle!

I’ve been reading the fourth scroll now for over 3 weeks now.  Of all of the scrolls we’ve read so far, this one has hit me the most.  It seems that in pursuing success we often overlook our greatest asset – ourselves.

I have certainly been guilty of this.  It is always Go, Go, Go!  In our youth our bodies will take a lot of punishment but eventually you have to pay the piper.  We need to take care of the vehicle that will eventually lead us to realizing our DMP.  Saying this scroll repeatedly has reminded me what a true miracle I am – we ALL are.

Knowing our uniqueness gives us a certain posture and attitude which are another piece of the puzzle moving us towards that we desire most.  Remember you are natures greatest miracle and nothing can stop you!

My next blog this week should be posted by Thursday then I will be off grid down in Central America.  If I happen to catch a WiFi signal I will try and post blog for next week otherwise I will see everyone in 2 weeks!

WEEK 16 – Kindness Everywhere!

Welcome WEEK 16.  I loved this weeks exercise of posting 2 acts of kindness that we experienced every day.  It is amazing how much kindness is out there when we actively turn our attention to it.

To be honest until this week I have never given kindness much thought.  Now that I am seeing it everywhere I am getting overwhelmed.  It seems that when I started to notice acts of kindness that my awareness actually stimulates more kindness.  Can you imagine a world where everyone on the whole planet had to post 2 acts of kindness everyday?  It would be a world much different than the current one.    At least we’re doing our part to make it better.  I think I am going to continue to report on kindness on a daily basis.  Who knows maybe this is how it starts into a worldwide phenomenom!  Nothing wrong with dreaming big – something I’m more comfortable with since starting this MK transformation.

In two weeks I leave for Guatemala in Central America with a team of dentists and support staff.  We will be providing dentistry for kids who otherwise would not have access to proper oral health care.  Each year the group consists of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Team members will do whatever is necessary to get the job done.  When we are done there we always get dozens of locals who want to help us achieve our goal of seeing as many kids as possible.  Its like I said earlier – kindness breeds additional kindness.  I am looking forward to experiencing Guatemala differently now that I am wearing my kindness goggles!

Enjoy the weekend – catch everyone next week!

WEEK 15 – Gratitude

I think one of the most powerful exercise in our MK program is writing out the gratitude cards.  Focusing on on what we are grateful for allows us to appreciate everything in our lives that others may not have.  Before I started this program I would often dwell on things that were missing in my life.  This behaviour would leave me feeling not quite at peace with myself.  Superficially I knew I had it pretty good but at the end of the day the glass was often half empty.

It was when I started writing out my cards and doing the exercise that I realize that not only do I have it pretty good …. I have it pretty damn amazing!  Once I started to write my cards the flood gates opened up and the gratitude started to pour out of me.

With gratitude in my heart all facets of my life are being seen in a different light.  At work I am thankful for my team who work so hard with me and for my patients who give me the opportunity to be their dentist.  At home I am thankful for my loving wife who pretty much runs our house.  I feel blessed to have 2 wonderful children in my life who always have a smile for their daddy.  I can`t begin to describe my gratitude for having a healthy body which allows me pursue my passion for sports such as ice hockey, snow boarding, kung fu, rollerblading, cycling, swimming, sailing.  Many of my friends who are the same age or younger have had to give up things due to knee issues or other ailments.

There will always be challenges in life but they can be dealt with more easily when there is genuine gratitude in our hearts.  I am so enjoying this journey.