WEEK #04 (2015-16) – Focus Focus Focus!

Talk about jet lag! One thing I didn’t mention in my previous Blogs is that while we were in China – we were up by 4am and in bed by 9pm. This was incredible because by the time breakfast rolled around at 8am I had accomplished so much. I enjoyed getting a full night sleep and being super productive the next morning. I decided that when I got back to Canada that I would try to maintain the same schedule. This first week is proving to a tad bit challenging. I’m back to work but feeling super tired half way through my day. Somehow I made it through the first 4 days back to work.

Now that things are somewhat back to normal I am not letting my old blueprint take over my sleep patterns.  Still getting up early and being productive before my family wakes up.  Mind you I am going to bed same time as my kids which they find amusing!

This week we laid more groundwork for the coming months.  I especially love the “Giving and Receiving Card”  This is also the week where things can start to get overwhelming in terms of what is required for us to do.  It is really important that all of us put EVERYTHING in our lives on the back burner and focus on your Masterkey first.  Other things will fall into place.  This is where the last 2 times I fell behind but eventually managed to catch up.  Not going to let that happen again.

Remember that this vehicle will change your life and give you a means to do anything you want!

WEEK #03 (2015-16) – Masterkey at Shaolin – Part 2

Ok who’s idea was it to come all the way to China for a crazy workout? Just kidding! This has been a wonderful experience for all of us visiting here from Canada. There are 6 of us who made the trek a week and a half ago to come to China and train at the Shaolin Temple. Our training experience concluded today. We had our graduation ceremony where our Sifu gave us our certificates and commented on each of our achievements. I must say that for someone relatively young, our Sifu (his name is Jackie) has a keen sense of the world and an uncanny ability to read people. From observing my training, he commented that I have a drive and desire for self discovery and that I am looking to improve myself spiritually through my kung fu. For a minute I thought he was going to start talking about Masterkey!

Another benefit of training this past week was the effect it had on my neck injury. Back in February 2015 I ended up having a neck surgery to correct a pinching of my spinal column. Following the surgery I took about 7 weeks off from work to recover. As a result of my limited mobility and pain I ended up having to bowing out from the MKMMA program last year. When I got here last week I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to do or how much to push myself. Let’s just say that I surprised myself and my group. Not only did I keep pace with everyone, I managed to start lightly jogging again. A feat given that I hadn’t run or even walked fast since about a year ago. Yeah!!

We are getting ready to leave China in a couple of days. The next 2 days we will make our way back to Beijing and do some touring and shopping. Then back to Canada and home sweet home!

WEEK #02 (2015-16) – Masterkey at Shaolin – Part 1

This post comes from my home for the next 2 weeks. I am visiting a kung fu school near the Shaolin Temple in China. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. A chance to briefly learn from the “source”. While we have a pretty busy physical training schedule (4 hours per day), we also spend time meditating and doing self reflection. What a perfect environment for my MKMMA! As I do my SITS during my free time I realize that I can do this at home. It is just a matter of deciding what is important and what is not.

As expected our internet is very sporadic and limited. This makes following the MK somewhat challenging. However, as this is my third go around with it so I cheated a bit and brought printed notes with me for the next 2 weeks. I always get fired up the first 2-3 weeks as the ground work is laid down for what needs to be done in the coming months.

In particular, I enjoy reading Part Two where the discussion on subconscious affirms what I have always known to be true. Simply that our subconscious has enormous value that most of us never give a second thought to. Having said that I also need to work on having the faith to believe that my subconscious is always ready to assist me anything I need help with.

Looks like we are getting close to my afternoon training session. Time to put away my “pen” and get ready … maybe I will get my subby to help me with the 100 push ups and 100 squats!

WEEK #01 (2015-16) – Let’s Get This Party Started!

Greetings my fellow MKMMAers!  I am so excited to embark on this journey again.  It seems like just yesterday that I first stumbled across Mark J and his website.  After a few weeks of taking in some of the content I started getting messages about some scholarship and Masterkey program that was coming up.  I didn’t really pay attention to the message and put it in my TO DO box.  Shortly after I got another email to check out some video.  After the third email – I thought maybe I will check this out.  I watched the first video which aroused my curiosity.  By video #3 I was hooked and couldn’t wait to start the Masterkey Program.

This is my third run through this program.  One thing that I have learned is that my discipline has improved.  I am not as flighty and all over the map when doing my tasks.  I take it slowly and purposefully.  My one goal this year is to stay right on top of MKMMA with everything else taking a back seat for the next 6 months.  To those reading this blog and on this journey with me – let me tell you that it will get pretty chaotic.  The old blueprint will do anything to get you to quit.  Don’t let it!

Over the last year I have had some interesting setbacks / opportunities (depending on how you look at them!).  In the last 7 months I have recovered from spinal surgery in my neck and almost back to 85% of normal.  To the casual observer everything seems normal again – only I know the few limitation I am still working on.  The only reason I made it through all that was because of the conditioning the MKMMA program had given me.  I knew what mindset I needed to get through my dilemma.  In fact, today I am off to China with my Kung Fu instructors and another senior student to train at the Shaolin Temple for 2 weeks.  Granted my training will be a little limited but 6 months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed I would be capable of doing something like this so soon.

Next post from the mountains of Henan province!

WEEK #16 – What a wonderful week!

This has been without question my biggest “Aha ” week.  I started out looking for just 2 acts of kindness every day.  I thought I will notice these acts and then record them then wait for the next day.  The first day I recorded 5 acts then the second day 9.  Then something started to happen.

Watching these acts was not enough, I felt compelled to participate and create my own acts of kindness.  As I was doing kind things I started to receive kindness in return, slowly at first then more and more.  As the week progressed, it was also becoming hard to keep up with the kindness around me.  It was as if a floodgate had been lifted and I was drowned in a river of people doing nice things for each other.  WOW!

I did not expect this at all.  Of course Mark J and the other instructors had already alluded to this phenomenon of seeing abundance where our attention goes – but to see it first hand was amazing!

There are times in our lives when we experience something and become changed by it to the point where we cannot go back to the original person.  This was one of those moments for me.  I don’t think I can stop noticing people being kind or stop looking for ways to be kind.

Thank you.


WEEK #15 – Oops!

Not sure how I forgot to write my blog last week.  First week back after Christmas holidays is always pure CHAOS – not that I making excuses.  This past week I started work on my Franklin makeover.  My #1 virtue to work on was DISCIPLINE.  I have struggled with this off an on over the years.  Like everyone else I always start off like a rock star then part way into something I will start making excuses why I won’t be following through.  This has gotten worse as I have gotten older.

Working with all of you in this MK program I am starting to get a sense of DISCIPLINE as I complete the required exercises.  After a while the exercises become habits that are almost impossible to not do.  It just doesn’t feel right to not do them.  I impress even myself!

As I watched for DISCIPLINE around me I felt this virtue start to solidify within me.  Every instance of DISCIPLINE gave  me a feeling of satisfaction.  I can’t wait to see how the coming weeks unfold especially the KINDNESS virtue.

WEEK 14 – Halfway Review

Not having a webinar last week was probably a good idea.  Sometimes it is good to allow new information to percolate in before more is introduced.  Since there was no new webinar I thought it would be good idea to go back and review the course from the beginning.  As I started to look back it dawned on me that we have covered a tremendous amount of information and that the review wasn’t going to be completed in a single afternoon or even a day.

I gave myself a week to to go back and rediscover little tidbits that I may have missed or simply forgotten about.  This was a great exercise to re-energize myself about the MK process.  I highly recommend it to all my MKMMA brothers and sisters!

The second half of this course is where I feel really big things are going to start manifesting.  I’m not sure exactly what and when, but it’s coming!

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

WEEK 13 – Tis the Season!

To all my MKMMA brothers and sisters – wishing all of you happy and festive Christmas Season and a prosperous New Year!

I always like to end the year reflecting back on all that I experienced and accomplished in the last 12 months.  Some pursuits have drifted out of my life and other things have taken their place.  Through all of this change I accept that I am in control.  I make the choice to do or not to do.  These last three months have been crazy busy between work, family and the MKMMA program.  Looking back however, I know that the old BP still keeps rearing its ugly head and sometimes taking me off track.  My busyness is often a product of not being focused on my DMP.  Once I get back on track – life seems to slow down again.

I know 2015 and the second half of the MK course will be even more rewarding.  Wishing everyone continues to move closer towards their DMP!

On a completely different topic I’d like to share something I came across not too long ago.  Like some people I enjoy music – both playing and listening.  I came across a beautiful piano piece by an Italian composer that is brilliant and a must listen … enjoy!

WEEK 12 – Building Bridges

This week was a crazy busy week with the Holiday Season upon us.  Busy at the office and busy with family get togethers.  Despite everything going on I still manage to find time for MKMMA.  It always seems like I won’t be able to fit in but then at the end of the day when I reflect back it’s all done.  It feels like I am building bridges with people who “conspire” with the universe to help me achieve my daily goals.

It’s hard to explain but I think this may be one of those effects of our efforts over the past couple of months.  Essentially I tell the subby what I need and it takes over and makes things happen.  Most times I am too busy to appreciate what just happened – sometimes for a couple of days.  Then it dawns on me that things are working out more consistently  without too much effort on my part.

When something needs to happen, a solution presents itself – often in the guise of a person who want to build a bridge with me.  Once this is established, I move a little closer towards my DMP.  I can’t wait to see how the second half of this will unfold!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

WEEK 11 – Can you imagine?

This past week I have had the opportunity to spend some time in the  Alliance section as well as respond to some blog comments.  I don’t know about you but I get a tingle all over when I read these comments.  There is something so therapeutic to having your spirit lifted even if it is by a short comment.  Those few words have the power to change the course of my day.  Sometimes I even go back and read previous comments when I need a boost.

I got to thinking how wonderful it is to have a MK family that is supportive and non-judgemental.  Can you imagine if everyone we can into contact with was the same way?  Can you imagine a community, a country, a planet where we high-fived each other all the time and spoke in a positive tone/manner?  Can you imagine what life would be like if the whole planet was in the MKMMA program?  Can you imagine?  I can!

I am beginning to understand what Mark and Davene are up to.  I am starting to appreciate their lofty goals of reaching upwards of 30, 000 people in the coming years.  I am willing to do my part to help them reach this goal.  I am sure everyone out there in the MKMMA  world will do the same.