Interviewer (Darren Hardy- editor of Success Magazine):

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today.  I know my editors were thrilled to hear when you agreed to do an interview with Success magazine.  They know how valuable your time is.


Well it is my pleasure to chat with you and through you to your readers.  If truth be told I have always been an avid reader of Success magazine and always enjoyed the various people you’ve showcased.  I never dreamt that I would one day grace the cover of your publication.


Are you kidding?!  The world has been watching your career for the last 6 years and wanting to learn how you did it.  It is my honour to be here with you today.  Lets’ jump right in shall we?  So take us back to the beginning – share with the readers how it all started.


It would be my pleasure to share with you my story.  In fact it has been quite a ride which is only just getting momentum.  The beginning is crystal clear in my mind.  It was Sept 28, 2014.  It was the day I started a self development program (MASTERKEY) that went for 6 months.  It was a program that was instrumental in helping me find my golden Buddha.  Up till this time I was running a dental office that demanded a lot of my time.  I was dabbling in an MLM business that I thought had merit.  I was trying to raise my family and provide all the things I think they wanted.

Problem was that I didn’t actually believe that success would find me.  I just kept working harder and harder but not smarter.  On top of all this, psychologically I was not ready to receive success even if it arrived.  I had a lot of negative thoughts, glass was always half empty, it was always someone else’s fault.  I felt my life was slipping away and I was getting further from my goals.  Goals that I wasn’t even sure were mine.

The Masterkey Program over the course of 6 months transformed me into the person you see today.  The thing is I was always this person.  I was just buried beneath the surface of all this stuff that had layered itself on after years feeding my brain the wrong diet.  Once I realized who I was, things started to happen very quickly.


Tell us about how you changed and how that affected your businesses.


Not sure exactly if there was a certain point but I felt myself becoming lighter if that is possible.  Through all the Masterkey exercises I found myself thinking differently.  I felt that everything WAS possible and there should be no doubt in my mind.  Once my mindset had changed, the world just started handing me success after success.

My dental office which had plateaued and had complacent staff started to book up months in advance.  People were lining up to see me for their oral health issues.  We had to hire extra dentists and additional staff to handle to overflow.  Eventually we ended up expanding into the empty suite next door.  When asked, patients would say that they came to our office because we were fun to be around.

 My MLM business also started to rocket.  People primarily bought into me first then once they understood the business they would jump in.  New members were excited and their energy led to more business partners.  In a very short amount of time my MLM team  grew to one the largest teams in any MLM enterprise.  As a result, my earning were through the ceiling.


What were some of the side benefits of your success?


With my dental office running consistently and always at full capacity I able to continue and expand my work of providing dental care to children of the world.  I expanded the charity I worked with to include almost every country in the world.  Local chapters of our organization started to pop up everywhere with others wanting to do what we were doing.

 I was also invited to give talks at schools on oral hygiene as well as seminars on empowering our youth.  The founders of my MLM business also would ask me to deliver the keynote address at their quarterly international conventions.  This exposure led to further expansion of both businesses.

 People just needed to hear that they were capable of fulfilling their dreams and that anything was possible.


You certainly started a revolution.  People around the world wanted to know more about this Dr. Pravir Patel and how they could share in your success.  You have not disappointed the masses.  Despite all of your success and popularity you have managed to spend time with your loved ones.  Tell us about your family and home life.


My family is my single one source of pure joy in my life.  Without my wife – Jaipreet and kids – Aasha and Neel there would not be a Pravir.  We currently reside in a modest home on the lake front in Oakville, Ontario.  We actually designed it from the ground up.  My wife is an interior designer so she made sure it had all the elements and conveniences that we needed.  We also love to play so it was a no brainer incorporating a playground theme right into our home!  Being on the waters of Lake Ontario it allowed us to pursue my passion for sailing during the summer months.  As a family we also enjoy skiing / snowboarding, ice hockey and cycling.  One of my passions is teaching Kung Fu.  Once my family and I all attained our black belts we opened up the school to everyone who wanted to learn for free.  Students were welcome to pay what they felt their education was worth.  In a very short time we were able to open centres throughout Toronto, then Canada and now we have chapters in 23 countries around the world.

 My kids have grown up not wanting for anything but at the same time appreciate everything they have.  In fact both of them started their own businesses at age 12 which today has annual earnings of $1 million each.

 We also love to travel around the world.  We always make an annual trip to India during Diwali as well as visit our homes in Lake Tahoe, Paris, Sydney and Miami.


One of the things that people think of when you say the name “Pravir Patel” is charity and giving back.  Tell the readers a little about your charitable efforts.


My pleasure.  From very early on I knew that one of my callings was to help others.  Right from tutoring my peers in school to the annual worldwide donations that we are helping with.  I firmly believe that our success can only come about as a result of helping make life better for others.  We are all in this “game” together and I believe that we can all win.  There doesn’t have to be any losers.  We are big supporters of Heart and Stroke, Health Outreach, Ronald McDonald House and various Food Banks around the world.  In fact, the more I have given away the more many times over I get back in return.


Well my friend – it has truly been a pleasure and honour to have had this time to speak with you.  Thank you for sharing your journey with our readers.  I wish you continued success.


Darren, the pleasure is all mine.  This has been such a thrill to talk with one my mentors.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity.


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